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Welcome to Offbeat Acres!
Alpaca, fruit and fiber farm near Madison, WI

So, what's the big deal about alpaca fiber, anyway?  Alpaca fiber is a durable, eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fabric.  The alpaca has developed more thermal capacity in its fiber than almost any other animal.  The fiber contains microscopics air pockets which create lightweight garments with high insulation values.  Our alpacas have been known to sleep outside  (by choice) during cold winter night, and are covered with snow by morning.  Their fiber does such a good job of insulating them, the snow on the outside of the fiber doesn't affect them! Alpaca fleece is also devoid of lanolin, and doesn't itch.  It feels soft and luxurious next to the skin.  Our alpaca socks are addicting, in cold Wisconsin winters!

Alpacas are easy to care for, and relaxing to be around.  We spend about an hour per weekday doing chores (which includes feeding, watering, and cleaing up some poop).  A few hours are spent every weekend, cleaning up the pasture.  We also do monthly shots for herd health maintenance, but otherwise, our herd is pretty easy.  Finally, alpaca manure makes fantastic fertilizer and doesn't burn plants.

Why Alpacas?

Offbeat Acres is home to 24 huacaya alpacas and a guard llama named Frank.  We breed for soft, crimpy, dense fleece in fawn, brown, black and grey, with micron counts less than 25 at age 3. 

We were drawn to alpacas for many reasons. 
First, we wanted to raise fiber animals that produced an annual crop that didn't require slaughter.  We also wanted an animal that was relatively easy to care for.  After several years in the business, we definitely feel we've made the right choice, as the sales of our fiber products continue to increase.